What you will and won't learn in the Happy Artist Studio

Been considering joining the Happy Artist Studio?

Never heard of it and now a bit curious?

Either way, if you’re familiar with my work, you may have a good sense of my approach to making and teaching art.

And if you’re new {welcome!}, this post is going to give you some insight into that so you can decide whether it’s for you.

And if you have been hanging around these parts for a while, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I don’t think of myself as an art teacher.

Not because of imposter syndrome, although I’m not immune to that, of course.

And not because I don’t have artistic gifts and skills to share.

But because I don’t teach ‘how to’ art.

If you’re looking for step by step lessons in how to paint a landscape, or want the specific palette to use to create a realistic skin tone for a portrait, or to learn how to paint exactly like a particular artist, I’m not your gal!

There are heaps of people who can and do teach those things far better than I ever could.

My approach to teaching is actually more focused on YOU.

It feels truer and more accurate to describe me as a guide and encourager, and while those terms might seem vague and insubstantial, I love them because they enable me to point you back to the only person who ultimately knows best what is right for you – you.

I don’t empower you – you empower yourself.

I just help you become stronger in doing that, using myself and my experience as an example, and sharing what I know, with the extra layer of making it all adaptable for your uniqueness.

I’ve had people do that for me in my life, and it changes everything.

My work is about helping you to uncover and refine your unique language and processes, so that the ‘song of you’ that comes through in your art becomes ever clearer and more resonant with who you are.

And in that sense, I’m ‘teaching art’ as a mode of expression, not a technical skill or a means to an end.

It’s not just about making beautiful art – although you can absolutely do that.

It’s not about making art specifically to sell it – although you can do that too.

It’s not about copying other artists – although I believe there is a place for that as we learn.

It’s not even about trying to be ‘good at art’ – we redefine that and make it support your growth in healthier, happier ways.

My courses and other offerings show you ways of

  • finding YOU in amongst all the inspiration
  • honing and amplifying what makes your art uniquely yours
  • clarifying and refining your personal artistic processes
  • painting honestly and joyfully
  • disentangling from and working with the ‘demons’ that can make artist life difficult
  • moving forward with curiosity, excitement, and integrity

So inside the Happy Artist Studio you’ll find a safe, supportive, always encouraging place to dig in to who you are as an artist, to sink in and relish it, to create a solid place to stand on inside yourself so that you can make your art and actually be the happy artist I’m always banging on about.

Every course in there, plus all the extra audios, downloads and other resources, is designed intentionally with this approach in mind.

I put them all together in one place so that you can ‘teach yourself’, and by that I don’t mean alone and without help.

I mean you can explore and play, sift through to keep what resonates and leave what doesn’t, strengthen your ‘autonomous muscle’, and evolve a much clearer perspective of yourself as an artist, and the kind of art you love to make.

And you can do all that alongside others walking this same stage of their own artist paths, and with me, doing my guiding and encouraging, always with transparency, honesty, and kindness. 😊 👩🏼‍🎨

But if you feel ready to roll up your sleeves, dig deep, and find out just what kind of clear seeing, wildly self expressed, and yes, happy, artist you can be, I invite you to jump aboard – I’d love to support you on this next part of your artist path!

Eep, it’s gonna be so good.

Here’s what some of the members of the Studio have been saying:

“Tara is a brilliant facilitator with a warm heart who brings out the best in people who love making art. I’ve gained so much by playing, working and learning in her Happy Artist Studio. I highly recommend this excellent online learning place.”

Carol-Lynn Bond

​​​​​​​”I want to say a huge thank you for creating this Happy Artist Studio. You’ve already helped me such a lot by moving me on and allowing me to develop and take a huge leap to create the kind of art I knew I wanted to, but just didn’t have the confidence to tackle. But now being able to access so much material at once feels like a genuine luxury. I’m so glad that I found you in amongst the myriad of art support out there.”

Sarah Stuart

“I am very happy to have joined the studio. The concept of a studio with all the courses in it, feels like a long needed form of ‘companion’ on my journey as an artist. As I am not in any art school (never have been) it is a bit lonely, and a lot of issues arise that I sometimes talk about with artist friends, but in this way it feels like I always have somewhere to go for some encouragementI have an every day support station/connection to a creativity-boosting-source. Thank you!”


Alexandra Berggren

Of course, these are glowing reviews from people who have found the Studio to be a good fit. It’s not for everyone, and obviously there are no iron clad guarantees {although you can make your own by going into it with intention and commitment}.

But if you’re ready to take that next step, get beyond the confusion of influence and inspiration, and feel yourself blossom into the artist you’re here to be, I’d love to help you with that!

Feel free to ask any questions below, or email me at tara@taraleaver.com, and I’ll be happy to help you decide either way.

In the meantime, click the button below to find out exactly what you’ll discover inside the Happy Artist Studio!

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