How you can take your art to the next level

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times we’re in right now, but I’ve noticed there’s a lot of reassessing going on with people at the moment.

When your world is thrown upside down, and on top of that your movements are limited or even completely confined to your home, well, it has a way of making many of us look inward as well as forward.

Naturally, many of the circles I move in online contain artists, and I’m definitely seeing a trend of reassessment and recalibration.

Many people are taking this time to dive into projects, to explore their work in new ways within the current limitations, to try out new approaches.

If this sounds like where you’re at right now, then I’ve created something that could help you!

I’ve been working like a maniac behind the scenes the past couple of weeks, building a membership site. It’s called the Happy Artist Studio {of course 😉 }, and it’s packed with courses, audios, downloadables, ebooks and all kinds of artistic goodness that I’ve created over the years.

Why have I done this?

Because like you, I’ve been reassessing.

I won’t go into all the tedious logistics, but I’ve been feeling for a while that I could be serving those who take my courses better, and this is a way for me to do that.

But also, and more to the point, I’ve done it because I’m seeing a need amongst artists to go deeper, to make art that’s ‘truer’, to make a commitment to themselves as artists and either deepen and clarify their process {and thus their work} for themselves, or step forward into the realm of becoming a professional artist, or both.

Focusing on how to take your art to the next level is a subject dear to my heart, as it’s something I’ve always worked to do, but never more so than a few years ago when I realised there was something missing in my art.

I devised a way to build my own step up to that next level, and now I want to provide that for you.

If you’re feeling like you’re in that place, go and check out the Happy Artist Studio and see if it feels like a good fit for where you’re going next with your art.

I’m so excited to bring you this new offering! It has the potential to be a real game changer for those ready to take the next step.

The Happy Artist Studio - take your art to the next levelPS. The new format of the Happy Artist Studio is the most accessible way I’ve ever made my courses available, and is a really comprehensive option if you’re looking to dive deeper into your art for a few months, an entire year, or even longer.

So if you’re ready to take your art to the next level, and curious about whether it’s the right fit for you, click here to check it out! ‍