A free sample video lesson from the Loosen Up online expressive painting course


Friends, I’m so excited – my latest course, Loosen Up, is finally here!

As with all my courses, the not-so-secret premise is about supporting you in uncovering and developing your unique process and style as an artist. I’ve filled it with my favourite approaches from my own process {this is your chance to learn the intricacies of tape paintings ;)} and everything I’ve learned in the past decade about true self expression through art.

Here are some of the things you can expect if you decide to join us:

  • Greater artistic freedom
  • More ‘you’ in your art
  • A looser approach
  • A more naturally playful attitude
  • Greater confidence and joy in what you can create
  • Varying ways in to more abstract art

If you don’t want any of that, this probably isn’t the course for you. 😉

Below is a free sample lesson from the course to give you a taster of what to expect, or to simply enjoy as a fun exercise to try.

The video is one of four from the lesson entitled Sketchbook Explorations, and looks at just one way you can loosen up your art in your sketchbook. It’s taken from my own process and is just one of many ‘ways in’ I’ll be sharing with you on the course.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions about the course feel free to ask in the comments.


Simplify the View

Materials used:

  • sketchbook
  • watercolours
  • Inktense block
  • dip pen
  • Indian ink
  • paintbrush
  • water
  • baby wipe


For the full lesson containing four videos exploring approaches to using sketchbooks that are nothing to do with rigid planning or neatness ;), and an exciting adventure through a diverse range of over twenty loosening up adventures, click the button below to join the course!


Click here to join Loosen Up!


It’d be a joy to have you along – it’s lovely to be able to share so much of my own process and practices and support you on your artist path.