A free sample lesson on creative superpowers from the Touchstone course

What are creative superpowers? Who has them? How do you get them? Do you really need them?

For me, creative superpowers are something we choose – not something reserved only for the chosen few, and certainly not something you ever don’t have access to {no matter what the demons tell you!}. They’re an empowerment tool that promote autonomy and forward movement in your creative practice, and you can choose – or even invent – the one{s} that will serve you best, moment to moment. Pretty handy, right?!

They are a force for good in our art process, and we have full time access!

I devote a whole lesson in Touchstone to them, and since it’s often helpful to have an inside peek at what a course is like before you commit to signing up for it, I’m sharing that lesson with you today. Even if you don’t feel called to take the course, the simple but powerful concept of creative superpowers may well be useful and supportive for you.

So what are they?

{Excerpt from Touchstone}

I think of creative superpowers not as something we own, but something we can make use of when it supports us to do that. So it’s not that I have superpowers you don’t, or vice versa; the way I see it, it’s more like there’s a communal pool of superpowers to choose from, and we can dip into it at will, without fearing they will run out or are only available to certain people.

Thinking of it this way also helps take the comparison out of things. It’s far better for me to be activating a superpower to help me move forward than it is to think about someone as being ‘better at art’ than me. I’m not saying I never do that, but I like to have lots of back up tools to turn to when these moments happen! It’s a way to take my power back and get on with doing what I came here to do.

Of course there are as many creative superpowers as there are people, and probably more! Today I’m sharing just a few, to give you an idea of what they can be and how they can serve us in building a richer, more rewarding, more vibrant creative life.

To hear the full lesson, you can listen to the audio below. Or print out the transcript here.

This lesson also contains a video mini; these are short videos sharing small art ideas that can help take your art in a new direction. Great for getting unstuck. 🙂

Video mini: Working over an old background

Password: workingover



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