In other artists' studios

Something I really love to do sometimes is sit down and watch those short contemporary artist videos that often pop up on Pinterest. Many are just a couple of minutes long, and it’s less about watching a painting unfold {for me} than it is watching artists move around their studios, contemplating their work, and often talking about the intricacies and quirks of their processes.

I find it fascinating. These videos act as little doorways into something for me; when I watch them I feel as though I’m looking at a tiny selection of the infinite possibilities for what it means to be an artist. There’s something about them that pulls me forward on my own art journey. And they make me feel connected to artists all over the world – here we are in our studios experiencing that uniquely solitary, immersive way of being, joined in our separateness by our secret inner journeys.

So I thought it’d be fun to share a few of my favourites here. I’ve watched these over and over, looking for, and then sinking into, that certain feeling of motion, colour, light and process. It’s hard to explain. Perhaps I’ll leave the videos to speak for themselves.

Krista Harris

Melissa Herrington

Rachelle Krieger

Robin Luciano Beaty

And finally, one I don’t have permission to embed that but that you can watch by clicking here >>Melinda Stickney-Gibson

What do you think? Does watching these videos inspire you beyond the art being made? Or would you rather be getting on with it in your own studio? 🙂 


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