Holistic Creative Circle Series

Let’s talk about science!

Just kidding. Kind of.

A huge part of my work is based in adopting an experimental approach. It has stood me in good stead over the years, helped me to sidestep or more quickly work through the inevitable blocks that come with living an actively creative life, and caused me to develop my work into something that is varied, fulfilling and meaningful.

You might know that this year I’m one of the teachers in Hali Karla’s Spectrum workshops. I’m very excited about this for many reasons, but mainly because I get to be part of a creative community and support and encourage people on their artistic journeys. Today you can find me over on Hali’s blog talking about how being a scientist in the art studio has opened up my world and made me a more fulfilled artist.

“Being a scientist in the studio means the pressure is off. We can begin with a hypothesis, and if it doesn’t work out as we envisaged, that’s just information. It is nothing to do with our value as people or our abilities as artists. And in truth, I don’t believe an artistic practice without some off-the-rails experiments would be either satisfying or supportive of growth.”

To read the full post, hop over to Hali’s by clicking HERE.

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