We are all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass

Here’s what I’ve come to believe: everything we do is an effort to come home.

Somewhere inside, we know there’s a place beyond the limitations of physical existence, and every choice we make in this existence is borne of a deep desire to return there.

Because we are each unique aspects of our original source, whatever you like to call it, we search in different ways; some healthy for us, some deeply damaging, and everything in between.

Some of us seek it through the physical body, with healthy eating and physical exercise, or through high adrenaline sports or drugs. Some of us seek it through learning, reading and studying as a way to come home to our true selves. Some use music, or the arts of the kitchen or laboratory.

We seek it in sex, drugs and rock and roll. In exercise, in music, in relationships, in books, in nature, in spiritual practice, in travel. There is nowhere we’re not looking for it.

Most of us tend to use a combination, in the form of our interests and passions. And we’ve all used those things that are less effective.

However misguided our choices and efforts, every single thing we’ve ever done has been about this longing to come home.

I’ve made a lot of those misguided choices, some probably similar to yours. I still do sometimes. And, perhaps like you, I have not yet come home fully. I’ve visited, but tend not to stay. 🙂

And while I don’t believe anyone else can tell you how to get home, I do believe we can be lights for each other on the way. And you don’t have to be anything in particular to be a light; you already are one whenever you help or support someone to find their own.

My particular light uses art and creativity as a way to come home.

The articles and posts I write, the courses I teach, and the driving force behind all my work is to act as a lantern to remind you of how creative you are already, and to illuminate the path ahead with tools and ideas, inspiration and encouragement.

Art isn’t the only thing that will bring you home. The beauty of being human is that we all have our own unique recipe, and not everyone’s includes paint. But if yours does, it would be my greatest delight to join and support you on part of your journey home.

You can find out more about the ways I use my light here.

And tell me about your light! What lantern do you hold to help the rest of us find our way home?