“I love these art courses. You not only learn valuable lessons in art, personal development and achievements, but you develop wonderful friendships with people all over the world. Tara CONNECTS you to heart, mind, body and soul.”

Deborah G.

Calm from Chaos - a peaceful art workshop


It’s time to take your art to the next level

You know you’re an artist. You’ve been taking courses, learning techniques, and honing your skills. You know how to use your supplies, how to start and finish a painting. You’re no longer a complete beginner.

But you’re looking for more. You want to move beyond making art in the style of those who’ve taught and inspired you. You want to make work that’s more expressive, more consistent, and a true reflection of your unique voice and vision as an artist.

The Happy Artist Studio is designed to help you take your art to whatever the next level is for you.

Full access to 13+ courses, printables and audios in the Happy Artist Studio – join with a monthly or annual subscription.

Great for:

  • creating your own ‘bespoke art degree’ {the year long membership option gives you a focused container}
  • committing to taking your art to the next level, whether that means deepening and clarifying your personal practice, or moving towards becoming a professional working artist
  • immersing in your art process and practice until you know it inside out and feel confident, clear, and excited about your next steps
  • making your art your own – release the copying, the influence and the limitations for your most expressive, truest art 

“I have never felt better about my art, my style(s), my marks than when I have taken your courses. I really relish them. For that I am so appreciative and thankful for how you give of yourself. I have a huge value and need to be authentic in my art and you have helped me discover and deepen that.”

Penney Mellen

Into Nature - creative collaborations with the natural world


An easygoing artist’s adventure into the natural world

A refresh and reset button for artists, Into Nature is a restorative, no pressure course about immersing in the natural world, absorbing its inspiration and healing, and bringing that into our art.



Great for you if:

  • You recently finished a project/artwork and are in the ‘Afterslump’ – feeling a bit flat and like a pause is in order, but still wanting to make things
  • You’ve found this year a ‘challenge’, and are either exhausted, drained of energy, low on inspiration, or all of the above
  • You haven’t been in touch with nature much recently and miss it
  • You’ve never been much into nature but have an inkling it might do you some good to get to know it a bit better
  • You’re the sort of person who doesn’t find doing literally nothing very relaxing, whereas doing something simple and creative feels restorative and well-filling
  • You’ve seen my walking stories on Instagram and want more of that!
  • You want both comfort and inspiration just now
  • It’s been go go go and you’re ready for a bit of a slow down, a reconnection with nature {and yourself}, through the medium of art

“Tara is a brilliant facilitator with a warm heart who brings out the best in people who love making art.”

Carol-Lynn Bond

“Before, I felt like I was often overworking things. Now I feel that I know a little bit more about myself as an artist, what I like and don’t like and most importantly what I need to explore more in order to come closer to my goals. It’s easy to follow the instructions, the videos are VERY helpful, well-made, you are encouraging, and open to free and personal expression.”

Gina Axlund