“I love these art courses. You not only learn valuable lessons in art, personal development and achievements, but you develop wonderful friendships with people all over the world. Tara CONNECTS you to heart, mind, body and soul.”

Deborah G.

Calm from Chaos - a peaceful art workshop


For releasing the realism and freeing up your art

My newest course is all about that elusive freedom of expression you’re after that so often seems just out of reach. If you’re wanting to transfer away from realism habits and into abstract art, this one’s for you!

Great for:

  • shaking up your art
  • moving away from unwanted realistic habits
  • experiencing process more deeply and immersively
  • making more expressive art

“This course is just what I needed to remember & fully feel the power of creative fun!”

Breda Marron



14 Ways to be a Happy Artist workbook

A huge part of being an artist has nothing to do with the actual making. Without knowing ourselves deeply and understanding what we need to thrive in our practice, we cannot make our richest and most fulfilling work. This 46 page workbook is an opportunity to take a deep exploratory dive into yourself, your process, and your practice as an artist. Based on a popular blog post, it offers 14 ways gleaned from a decade of experience making art that I’ve found are essential contributors to being a happy artist {and yes, you do get to define this for yourself!}. Each way is accompanied by introspective questions and prompts. Take a little time out with a cup of coffee or tea and sink into your artist self. 

Great for:

  • finding greater clarity around YOU as an artist
  • generating insights into what you truly want and need to thrive in your practice
  • showing your artist self that you’re committed to what he/she needs
  • becoming an even happier artist! {Whatever that means to you}

“Thank you Tara, for the breath of fresh air with your ’14 ways to be a happy artist worksheets’. It has helped me to regroup after my recent move and reminded me of how much I love what I do and helped me refocus. Anyone feeling in a bit of a lull or discombobulated with life events – excellent value.”

Ronnie Cruwys



Discover Your Painting Language

A short course designed to help you begin to dig into your unique painting language. You may already be making repeated marks and shapes, or using a colour palette or exploring a subject that looks and feels ‘like you’. But perhaps you’ve got stuck in a rut, or you know there’s more but are not sure how to uncover it. Perhaps you want to expand your language beyond its first few basic words.

Great for:

  • easily accessible ways to begin to explore your own work with focus
  • a fun and practical approach to discovering and developing what’s ‘you’ about your art
  • reviving and even completing old, stuck paintings
  • when there’s less time and less funds for a full length course but you still want to take action 

“Tara is a very generous artist with her resources and experience.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is passionate about helping you create ‘the art that only you can make’.”

Jane H


NEXT SESSION: January 2020

Uncover, explore and develop your unique artist style

This course is all about putting more of you back into your art, using the dynamic and untamed style of abstracted and expressive painting as your way in. Why ‘Abstractify’? Because loosening up my marks and my approach to colour and shape, and unbinding myself from copying, has revolutionised the way I make art, and this course will show you how you can do it too – your way.

Great for:

  • moving away from old limiting habits and stuckness
  • discovering what’s ‘yours’ in your art so you can develop it further
  • freedom within flexible containers – enough to spread your wings but not so much as to be overwhelming
  • a variety of approaches to painting

“Before, I felt like I was often overworking things. Now I feel that I know a little bit more about myself as an artist, what I like and don’t like and most importantly what I need to explore more in order to come closer to my goals. It’s easy to follow the instructions, the videos are VERY helpful, well-made, you are encouraging, and open to free and personal expression.”

Gina Axlund

Expressive Charcoal


Discover charcoal to create more expressive, you-style art

Charcoal is an incredibly versatile, earthy, sensuous, and fun to use medium, and very well suited to expressive art making. In this course we’ll cover the basics of charcoal so you can start to feel more confident about using it, and then we’ll jump into a heap of fun exercises and things you can try to help you better express yourself with this marvellous medium.

Great for:

  • loosening up your marks for freer, more expressive drawing
  • exploring the versatility of charcoal in your art
  • developing mixed media work
  • experimenting with different subjects and ‘ways in’

“Expressive Charcoal was my favourite of ALL your courses! Am going to be re-joining in with this one.

Because of you I have BIG love for charcoal.”​​​​​​​

Sharon Bruster

Sharon Bruster



Become the artist you want to be with the life you already have

Touchstone is about starting to build a solid and sustainable foundation for your creative life so you can stop trying and start thriving, in whatever way that means for you. It’s about shifting from ‘trying to fit it in’ to making it a natural and integrated part of your life. It’s also about getting to know yourself really really well and so understanding, recognising and developing your own process and your own unique art. If you struggle with any aspect of making your art, Touchstone will show you another way. A way that is clarifying, action oriented, and most of all fits you and your life.

Great for:

  • Gaining clarity about who you are as an artist, and what you want
  • Rethinking and reframing a lot of the negative beliefs and thought habits around your art
  • Focusing on developing a single project as a way to practice your new insights
  • Shifting your relationship with the ‘demons’ into something more useful

“Tara’s course thought me how to listen inside to what kind of art I wanted to do, for myself rather then thinking what others might like. There is a wealth of online courses on the internet but Tara’s stood out as a genuine thing and it is. It is for anyone who is ready to take their creativity to a deeper and more genuine level. She will not show you how to get a gazillion Instagram followers but she will teach you some lessons you can take with you for the rest of your life.”



Artist Inspired


Revitalise and develop your work with ideas from the masters

Artist Inspired is an offering of painting ideas inspired by some of the great masters of art history, designed to enliven and enrich your art practice. It’s not about imitating the masters directly. It’s about immersing ourselves in the visual feast available to us and allowing that to inform our work with a felt understanding of new ways to use our tools.

Great for:

  • revitalising a stale art practice
  • jumpstarting a dormant art practice
  • a greater understanding of how to borrow inspiration while developing your own style
  • a playful dive into works from some of the great masters

Artist inspired was a great delight! I enjoyed watching Tara work her magic using such wonderful artists as inspiration. I was fascinated to learn more about the history of the artists and the work they produced. I was delighted and surprised that I was then able to go off and play and have fun with these inspirations. The aptly named ‘Artist inspired’ is a great course to get to know different artists style, history and techniques and then play with those styles yourself.”

Jo Collyer

Calm from Chaos - a peaceful art workshop


Refresh and reinspire your work with ideas from famous female artists

A ‘sequel’ to Artist Inspired which also stands alone, this course takes you on a painting adventure with a selection of well known women artists from history.  Explore their ideas, stories, and techniques as a means to developing your own unique artist voice.

Great for:

  • refreshing a stale art practice
  • developing your own style without resorting to copying or overly heavy influence
  • indulging in some fascinating art history
  • discovering new approaches to your own work

“I SO appreciate the thought you put into your courses. I love how you fit in so much inspiring and useful teaching in a way that is simple & clean – and therefore visually digestible online (reading online is tough on the eyes so we tend to skim anyway). Your presence and humor comes through wonderfully in your work & video commentary, in a way keeps us focused on the art. And I really appreciate the insightful details like “if you loved this artist, you may like” and the lists of words to keep in mind when experimenting with each artist’s approach. Brilliant!”

Elizabeth Teal



Free Up Your Art 

One of the most common stumbling blocks for artists is getting caught in old habits and cultural expectations about ‘good art’ being based in realism. While it’s useful to have an understanding of the traditional methods, for many of us the real juice lies in a more abstract, freer means of self expression through art.  This free course offers 7 simple lessons to get the juices flowing, arriving over the course of a week via email, although you can of course work through it at your leisure.

Great for:

  • easy ways in to making more expressive, freer art
  • a taster of how you can approach loosening up and moving away from realism
  • quick wins with lasting benefits
  • fresh ideas in an accessible format

“You are wonderful! Your honesty and ability to make beautiful, personal art in the very real, unpredictable, messy world while ALSO encouraging all of us to do our own thing is what keeps me coming back! Keeping it real is so appreciated!”


Practical Intuition


Create your own personalised and unique deck of oracle cards

Practical Intuition is an in depth two week course which breaks down everything you’ll need to know to make your own oracle cards, simply and clearly. We’ll look thoroughly at everything from understanding intuition and how we each experience it, to themes and word choices, from choosing your materials to design and finishing touches. There will be plenty of examples and alternative ideas for you to play with, and a Facebook group for sharing and asking questions. No particular skills required. :) Great for:

  • creating your own personalised deck
  • getting creative to make something practical
  • developing and creating a stronger connection to your intuition

“This course is a fantastic resource. Taught in perfectly-sized lessons, Tara walks the student through the entire process…from exploring themes to gathering supplies (with included resources), through the physical process of making and sealing the cards to discussions on intuition and creative play. The accompanying videos provide insight into the creative process of making the cards and are a wonderful compliment to the thoroughly written content; the coursework invites the student to jump in with enthusiasm and without overwhelm.  In short, Tara’s guidance is practical and inspirational and one almost feels (as nearly as possible) like Tara is sitting at the table with us, crafting her cards and cheering us in the creation of ours.”

Michelle GD

Creative Spark


For beginners and restarters

Rediscover the artist you knew you were in childhood, with thirty fun, easy to follow lessons designed to get you making art again, even after a {life}long hiatus.

Great for:

  • anxiety about starting again/starting from scratch
  • overwhelm from the huge amount of inspiration available
  • a desire for easy and fun ways to make art
  • a basic recap on some fundamental art principles

“Before the course I felt my creativity days in terms of drawing and painting were done. I had metaphorically “packed away” and given up on this aspect of myself. I feel much differently about it now, I feel connected to it, I do feel “sparked”.  I loved your videos, they were just perfect, not too short but not too long either, very simple and clear to understand.”

Debbi Jackson

Calm from Chaos - a peaceful art workshop


For getting to make art during busy times

A bitesize 3 part workshop designed to help you carve out pockets of time for art, using a quick and simple process for soothing yourself and filling the well during times of stress and overwhelm.

Great for:

  • a quick art pick me up
  • adding another easy technique to your artist toolkit
  • dropping down from your busy mind to focus on process
  • the motivation and guidance of a workshop on a low budget {it’s Pay What You Like}

There is a lot of teaching stuff out there but I simply love your lessons and all of the freedom they make me feel.


Calm from Chaos - a peaceful art workshop


For a smorgasbord of art journaling and expressive painting

21 teachers brought together by Connie Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio, offering 21 rich and fun lessons diving into the theme of ‘Tell Your Story’. {Mine’s to do with landscape. :)}

Great for:

  • beginners and more advanced artists alike
  • trying out lots of different teachers and styles at once
  • exploring your own story and how you want to express it
  • making art in playful, supported ways
Calm from Chaos - a peaceful art workshop


For becoming an art teacher yourself {no formal credentials required!}

Have you envied your artist friends who post photos of creative workshops they’re teaching in Santa Fe or Hawaii or Mexico and wondered how they got so lucky? Or envied those artists who are holding virtual classes from their own studios? If you’ve thought, “I’d love to do that but I wouldn’t know where to begin” or “I haven’t got the credentials to teach art…” Well, it isn’t about luck OR credentials. What if you could hear from the most sought after arts workshop teachers about how they get paid to travel the world or teach online from their home studios or create their own artist gatherings?

Great for:

  • discovering the different ways you could teach art, both online and off
  • releasing limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you
  • learning from art teachers of all kinds
  • exploring whether this is the right path for you

You are an excellent teacher, example, and mentor. I am so pleased to have found you… the courses and the groups. You express yourself beautifully through your work – visual, written, and spoken.

Judy McKenzie

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