13 Ways to Start a Project

You’ve had an idea for a project, a really awesome one.

You’re totally excited about it and the potential it has.

You have perhaps made some notes, or gathered some preliminary images or supplies.

And then, crickets.

The notes and materials sit there, waiting.

The idea pokes at you, but you find yourself prioritising other things, like washing up, tidying the table ‘so you can work’, or ‘just checking’ email or social media.

I know you’ve been there. 😉

So often we procrastinate and fiddle about, when we know that we want to be making something, and it feels like a kind of mystery why the thing we love to do – the thing we really want to do – is the last thing we’re actually doing.

It’s not really a mystery how that happens – the clue is in the ‘really want’, which is often followed by a ‘but’.

As human beings we are master story tellers, and not always at stories that serve us.

However, rather than going into the why today, I want to be solution minded, and see what might be done – with ease.

I am of course no stranger to this experience, so I sat down to think of as many ways as I could that might or do allow me to jump that invisible but incredibly high self-placed hurdle that stops me just going to the studio and STARTING.

{Or finishing projects I started with gusto and then somehow let tumbleweeds roll all over them.}

I’ve expanded the idea beyond just painting as clearly it applies to pretty much anything.

I’ve included steps that will set the scene as well as some which are more specifically action oriented in terms of starting to work on your project.

Clearly it’s not exhaustive, but it’s a start, and that’s all we need.

My plan is to pick ONE {let’s not turn this into more procrastination fuel!} and flipping well get started.

I invite you to do the same. 😊

1 | write it on the calendar 

We are more likely to do things if they are written down; write it in as though it were a date with a loved one {because it is!}.

2 | announce it 

Accountability can be scary but my goodness it’s effective. 😊

3 | have an inside chat

Is this a priority for you?

Are you actually longing to do it or do you feel you should for some reason?

Be clear within yourself of its importance and align your actions with that.

4 | make a {simple!} sign

A phrase or quote or word that will help to bring you back when doubts start creeping in {because let’s not pretend that they won’t}.

5 | cancel something

Is there something you’ve got in the diary that is either not essential or can be swapped or rearranged?

Don’t relegate your project to the bottom of the list, because it’ll always fall off.

6 | turn off the tv for one hour

So simple, and you can do so much in an hour. crikey, even half an hour works.

7 | get up earlier

Not for everyone!

But if time is at a premium for you and you know this project is important to you, you can do it!

There’s something rather indulgent and delicious about that quiet time before everyone else gets up and the bustle of the day begins.

8 | go to a cafe with notebook and pen

If you need some buzz but no internet to distract you.

9 | go to the library

If you need quiet, no washing up and no internet to distract you.

10 | mind map

A great way to start bringing an idea out of its hidey hole

11 | brainstorm

With someone else for extra motivation, momentum and inspiration

12 | hunter gathering

Many projects need a certain amount of gathering before diving in.

Still I recommend keeping it to a bare minimum as it can quickly descend into a procrastinatory activity without end.

13 | take one step

also known as JFDI by a friend of mine. 😉 As Amelia Earhart said, ‘the most effective way to do it, is to do it’.


Now click below to print off the checklist, pick one, aaaaaaaaand ACTION!

13 ways to start a project pdf checklist - download, pick one, go!


Tip: You might like to cut up the checklist and pick one at random. Because why not.