8 Creativity Posts

I just realised I have been writing for Scoutie Girl for six months already! It is such a pleasure to be part of such a bustling and diverse resource {not to mention a beautiful website!}, and fun to be able to write for a project outside my blogĀ each month.

Here are my first six months’ worth of posts in case you missed any of them! It began with a guest post back in November last year…

In Praise of the Comfort Zone

We are exhorted all the time to step out of it, especially in the areas of creativity and business I’ve noticed {two things dear to my heart}, but I think sometimes it’s perfectly ok to stay in yours, and this post explains why.

Read this post if: You feel afraid or daunted by the size of the things you want to do, and by the size and magnificence of what everyone else seems to be doing.

Six Traits of Happy Creatives

I’ve noticed some characteristics of people who actively cultivate their creativity, and the best news is, we already all have them, it’s just a matter of cultivating them! Do you recognise these in yourself?

Read this post if: You’d like to cultivate what’s already within you to be more creative in your day to day life.

How to Generate and Store Creative Ideas: Part One

In January I wrote a two part post, looking at ways to make it easier on ourselves to have more ideas and not to lose them into the ether! I don’t know about you but this happens to me a lot if I don’tĀ haveĀ easy and quick ways to capture them. In this post I look at setting up a personalised way to capture your ideas.

Read this post if: You are surrounded by chaos and it’s distracting and blocking you from taking creative action.

How to Generate and Store Creative Ideas: Part Two

In part two, we look at ways to generate and cultivate ideas. I’ve found that there is a tipping point after which less effort is required to have ideas, as they tend to be self-propagating, and there are some ideas to kick start that process here.

Read this post if: You are struggling to have ideas, feel a bit blocked and stagnant, and could do with some new and fresh energy to inspire you.

5 Ways Instagram Can Enrich Your Life

What sounds like a frivolous title actually holds some real truth. Social media can be as fun and rewarding as it can be frustrating and time-sucking! I look at the ways using Instagram has brought blessings into my life in this post. Perhaps you recognise some of them, or it may help you look at such platforms in a new way.

Read this post if: You’d like to find more pleasure and inspiration in the tiny details of your day to day life, or would like to see social media in a positive light!

How Changing One Thing Changes Everything

I spent my birthday alone for the first time ever this year, and it was something of a revelation. Have you ever changed something, even something tiny, and discovered it made unexpected shifts all over your life?

Read this post if: You know you want to make a change of some kind but are afraid to do it.

Creativity Advice from Three Year Olds

My experience teaching little kids in a Montessori school taught me many things! One of which is what kids have to teach us about being creative. {Hint: it’s nothing to do with being brave!}

Read this post if: You feel stuck and your negative self talk is holding you back from making art or otherwise expressing yourself freely and creatively.


Today my May post is published on the Scoutie Girl website:

It’s Not Just You: Secrets of the Creative Life

Struggle is a part of the process, not a reason to quit or even not to begin at all. This post is about embracing it and using it to move forward.

Read this post if: You’re struggling creatively and need some support and encouragement.


I’d love to know which was your favourite post! And if you have creativity related questions please let me know in the comments, and I will endeavour to address them in future posts!