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the simple way to bring your dreams to life

Let’s get one thing clear straight up; when I suggest that there’s a simple way to give your dream wings and send it into the world, I absolutely believe it. I am NOT saying it’s always easy. 🙂

Know what my dream is? My dream is to spend my time doing what comes from the truth of who I am, which is as fulfilling and joyful for me to create as it is for those who receive it, and that earns me enough to live in the way I choose. {I’m not using the word ‘work’ on purpose.}

Ground breaking, right? It probably looks quite a lot like your dream, or one of them.

There is something about bringing dreams to life that seems to often get bypassed in all the shiny shiny woo-look-I-made-six-figures-in-a-week-and-so-can-you, and that’s where my patience sometimes runs a little low, because it can make it seem like we’re failing when we’re not.

I’m talking about action. The kind that no one sees, that most people have no idea that you’re doing, and that is really not all that glamorous and shiny.

Six figures is fantastic if that’s what you want. {Although I suspect that it’s the intangibles that the six figures can bring that is what you’re really yearning for.} And actually, I don’t think it matters what your dreams are, how many you have, or what size they are.

In A Course in Miracles it states that there is no order of difficulty in miracles, and I think the same can be applied to dreams. The universe makes no distinction between your dream of owning a bottle of turquoise nail polish and your dream of earning enough to comfortably support your family.

If what you put your attention on grows {and it does}, then there is one very simple way to bring your dreams to life.

Just do one thing. And that’s one thing every day, not just one thing once, or a few times when you remember!

See? Not glamorous. But if you wanted to know my ‘secret’ ~ how exactly it is that I bring any of my dreams into form ~  then I would tell you that every single day I take action in service to my dreams.

It’s not always the exact same action, or the same ‘size’ of action, although some actions I do take every day.  The point is that I take them, and that they are all in the same area and with the same bigger picture in mind.

One action. One focus. Full commitment.

I can fiddle about on the internet with the best of them, reading inspiring posts about other people’s dreams and finding quotes with pretty graphics on Pinterest for my dream boards.

But every day I do the following in service to my dream. It’s not shiny or glamorous, and some days it’s an effing slog, quite honestly, but I’ve noticed that since I committed to this kind of focus, I have begun to both make progress and gain momentum.

I practice Tai Chi

Tai Chi keeps me not just well but thriving and full of energy, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, meaning it gives me the qualities I need to give my dreams wings. I’ve said it a thousand times and will say it again many more I expect; a daily energy practice will change your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, it matters that you DO IT. EVERY DAY.

I make art in some form or another

It might be a DailyScape, collecting sea glass for a project I have in mind, working on a painting, producing work for a course I’m taking {and I’m usually taking some sort of art course}, or any number of other art related activities. But I’m doing it, and I’m doing it regularly. Ideas explored give birth to more ideas. 

I focus time and energy on my little biz

In the interests of transparency, I do not earn my entire living {yet!} doing work that comes from my heart. I will get there though, and you know why? Because I consistently work towards it.

I feel fear and lose patience like everyone does, but then I remind myself that oak trees grow for twenty years before producing an acorn, and that I have been heading in this direction intentionally and with true consistency only for a year or so.

I don’t subscribe to the commonly held ‘wisdom’ that something should be hard in order to be worthwhile, but I do believe that to bring our dreams to life we must be consistent.

The journey of a thousand miles DOES start with a single step, of course. The journey of a thousand miles is COVERED by repeated steps.

Every day just one step. And so often one step leads to several, and often they will then grow new shoots, new ideas, and new dreams.

But even if you take just one step today, you know that you’ve taken that one step for yourself, for your dream, and for those you will support by taking the time to give it wings.