Can we just be real for a minute.

Which is a weird and probably ridiculous thing to say because I’m always real. I think what I’m trying to say is, let’s not talk about art, or creativity, or my ecourse, or any of that stuff just for today ~ even though I love it all to death and it’s as necessary to me as the air I’m breathing ~ because I’ve had a mini epiphany.

A miniphany.


a sign

Part of all the effort and energy I’ve put into learning about, uncovering and cultivating the real me over the last few years, while identifying and deconstructing the other one I made up to make everyone else happy, has given me a growing ability to check in with myself and discern what the hell’s going on in there.


Joy. In French, because I couldn’t find a Y.

So if I find myself in the kind of mood where I want to go to the library and BROWSE, then head down to the beach and MEANDER, when I want to read only fiction and nothing that will necessarily teach me anything useful, when I want to move slowly and listen to the musings in my head, then I know it’s time to change gears.


being slow means you can enjoy some stillness and wave watching

And even though it’s counter-intuitive with all I have to do and the growing pile of household tasks that are getting neglected lately, I’m taking today to SLOW DOWN.

The ‘step away’ part hasn’t quite happened yet because one of my WordPress plugins decided to eff up my site and I had to hunt it down, kill it and now replace it so people can actually see my work.

And I noticed that wending my way to the library this morning, thinking about one or two things without any real focus, a really SUPER idea sprang to mind, and then had babies.

So today {and maybe for the whole weekend, but I doubt it}, I’m slowing down and stepping away, and it feels so amazing to notice that that’s what I need, and then to go ahead and let myself have it, that I wanted to say to you, do it! If you need permission, consider this it!

Listen in, see what it is you’d really like, {and it’s probably something very simple when it comes down to it}, and let yourself have it!

Happy, slow weekend to you. May you find spaces to pause and rest, and ideally string them together and recharge for the next round. 🙂