A couple more sketchbook portraits, drawn from reference images. With liberal use of my new friend the blending stick.

portrait from a reference

pencil portrait from a reference

And this quick pencil and pastel sketch without a reference. I got annoyed afterwards because all my non-referenced portraits look the same. I’m slowly working my way through Misty Mawn’s Face to Face class and hoping the practice and assignments will allow me to expand my methods for putting a face together.

may sketch

And this is my niece Amber with new puppy Frank. I wanted to make a really beautiful portrait and surprise my sister with it, but this first attempt, although I’m happy with it as a portrait, doesn’t actually look like her daughter. I’m thinking of trying it in a few different mediums; capturing the essence of someone’s spirit is hard! It’s all in the eyes I’m finding. Get them slightly off and you’ve drawn someone else.

Amber and Frank

I’m also working on a painting today that I’m really looking forward to sharing with you. Yay!