Still no full size paintings to report {not for lack of going up to the studio and staring at all the canvases}, but I’m keeping up a fairly steady stream of sketchbook activity. Really enjoyable for short bursts of creativity; I especially like to draw in the evenings, maybe watching something on Netflix…

If you follow me on Instagram you may’ve seen some of these. Sorry about that.

This is a drawing from a photo of my friend Ames. Looks not one bit like her but I am happy for my reference images to be just that ~ reference. If I tied myself into accurate copying I’d go mad because quite frankly I can’t do it.

This is Kristen Scott Thomas’s eye. But you knew that because it’s such a good likeness. This was the joyful day that I discovered a new love: the blending stick. I can’t tell you why but I find it deeply satisfying to use.


Gesso over crayons. The bird was just to get a shape down so i could play with the mediums. {media?} I scratched the stars in with a screw; muy satisfying.



I love how making art while watching or listening to something can remind you of that thing every time you look at the art afterwards. This one was done while watching Hope Springs, which I don’t recommend really.


A quick charcoal on a watercolour background. I’m sure it should be illegal to be able to make something that pleases your eye in about ten minutes.


I drew this feather while on the beach {love it when i remember my pens down there}. I’ve made several more since. It’s very therapeutic, drawing on stones. I also like to hunt for the stones. You turn up all sorts of treasures.