When I first saw Jeanne Bessette‘s work I was SO EXCITED. Her work lights up something inside me. The vibrant colours and the figures, the shapes and just the feel of each painting give me so much pleasure.

Then I started following her on Facebook and realised I love her attitude and approach to art and life.

As she says on her website:

Painting for me is not an occupation it’s a pre-occupation, I guess you could say I self medicate with paint.

Jeanne was a successful photographer for some time before returning to her original love, painting, and says her photography experience has taught her about light and composition. She also makes use of layering and plenty of vibrant colour, which is part of what initially drew me in to her paintings.

About her process, she says:

I’m mostly interested in the essence of life rather than replicating what I’m seeing, which is why I paint in an abstract way and I consider my approach more intuitive than methodical as I am often responding to the last thing I put on the canvas. At some point something magical begins to emerge and I start to see where I need go. I layer and glaze and scratch and draw. I often scribble and scrape my way through to the layers underneath then glaze over and continue on when it is dry. My glazing techniques create a luminosity and depth in  my paintings that make you feel like you could step into them.  I love the way paint feels so I often paint with my fingers, sponges and rags. Finding paint under my fingernails at a dinner party is not uncommon for me. My friends don’t seem to mind.

Her work reminds me a little of Robert Burridge‘s, and maybe, dare I say it, my own! {Although I have quite some way to go before reaching that level of finesse. :)}

I like also what she says about her style; it reminds me that I don’t have to struggle so much with my own diversity in what I produce:

I love lots and lots of pungent color and contrast but have learned through the years that sometimes the most subtle changes can be the most powerful. So I paint both contrasty, in your face paintings and quiet emotional pieces. They are both a part of me.

Apologies for the piddlingly small images and the continuing issue with post titles. Technology and I are NOT friends at the moment.  To see Jeanne’s work in full glorious colour, I recommend a good poke around her luscious website.

Edit: I just found this fantastic video on YouTube of Jeanne in action. Feast your eyes.