Lately I really am an ideas factory. {Yay.} I feel as though pretty much all my creative ideas fall on stony ground, but the ideas keep coming and I keep trying them out. If you throw enough pasta at the wall, some of it’s got to stick right? {Did I just make that saying up?}

Anyway, I’ve had some lovely feedback on some recent sketchbook pieces, both here and on Instagram {thanks peeps!}, and started to think they would look very cool as square cards. So I put a few together to see:

I suspect this idea will be back burnered for the time being, since a) I don’t know where I can get square cards made in small quantities, b) the editing isn’t fantastic on a couple of them and c) I seem to be stuck in a bit of a quagmire of doubt.

Still, I think they’re pretty. So there’s that.