It’s Art Every Day Month people!

Yes. Art every day. For a month. In my case I am almost certain this will not happen. But I like having a focus.

My body knows it’s AEDM apparently, as I was ‘forced’ to start my day by making washi tape bunting.

Not sure it really counts as ‘art’, but one of the joys of Leah’s challenges is that there is plenty of leeway for definitions of ‘art’ and ‘every day’.

Are you joining in this year? If so, yay! and see you round Leah’s!


PS. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s post {which I realised after publishing had NO photos, sorry about that}, I’m asking four questions this week to which I would be mucho grateful for any and all responses. Bit of a chore I know, {again, sorry, but also, I have no wish to write a blog/maintain a site that is useful to no one, so it’s all for the greater good in the end} but there are rewards! Please check it out and leave a few words, and I will love you even more than I already do, which is considerably.

I know, that makes it so hard to resist doesn’t it.