Ambrose Redmoon quote about courage

So you guys, I finally, finally did it.

After all these weeks and months ~ pre flat purchase ~ of waiting and wondering and thinking and planning, and feeling inspired and afraid and excited and unsure, I’m committed! As you will see if you look at the tabs at the top of my website.

There’s a new one. It says ‘Creative Spark Sessions’.

Creative Spark Sessions are one of two new babies for me; twins, you might say. The other is my book. More on that later.

The sessions are for those who have in some way found their creativity thwarted, or faded, or forgotten, or hidden under layers of self doubt and fear. They are about uncovering the creative spark that every single person on this planet carries inside; I know most of you reading this will be nodding in agreement, but I meet people all the time who go to PAINS to tell me how uncreative they are! And they are missing out on such a source of joy and fulfillment.

I will be offering the sessions in my new studio by the sea, so obviously, and rather sadly, some of you PROBABLY won’t make it. And in case you’re wondering, it’s ‘sessions’ and not ‘classes’ because I’m not putting myself out there as a teacher ~ I’d feel fraudulent doing that ~ I see myself as more of a creative guide. 🙂

I’ve been through the dark bits and the uncreative bits and the sticky bits and come out the other side. I have tools, techniques and faith under my belt and I know I have enough now to share.

I have a few gorgeous friends willing to be guinea pigs so I can work out what all my theories look like in practice before I unleash myself on paying customers. Mind you, one has already been lined up for the new year, which is both unbelievably exciting and quite terrifying!

So yes, if you are interested/know people who live near me/live near me yourself, please take a look at the new page, and of course share it if you like. I have proof read it TO DEATH, but if you spot anything, let me know!

I am potentially very proud of this baby; I’ve given it a lot of thought and consideration, developed ideas and worked things out, and what’s more it dovetails really beautifully with the book. You may have heard me mention the book a few times; I’ve deliberately not said much as I didn’t know at the beginning whether it would be just a personal project or something of outward value.

Anyway, it is totally For Reals, and is almost ready {aren’t they always!}, and then perhaps if you like the idea of the Creative Spark Sessions but live a million miles away, you would enjoy and benefit from the book instead. At time of writing I’m investigating self publishing for Kindle, and print to order ‘real live books’.

I’m not planning to take over the world with these projects, but they are from my heart and I believe have a genuine purpose and value. I have the Fear but I also have the Support, the Courage and the quote at the top of this post to carry me through. 🙂

Oh, and why not, here’s another.

ee cummings quote about courage