I did this journal page last night while listening to a couple of TED talks. It makes me feel quite vulnerable to show it {I find it impossible to do non-personal journal pages, but perhaps that’s the point}. It seems whenever I sit down to do ‘table art’ lately, as opposed to canvas art, I am compelled to write messages to myself. I think that’s good though; I’m connecting more and more with my Real Self, and these little reminders help me do that.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the TED talks. I find them excellent for educating, inspiring and enjoying myself {more} while painting. Since I’ve listened to quite a few now, I thought I’d share my favourites since you may enjoy them too.

So here are my current top ten:

1. Elizabeth Gilbert on genius {my fave fave fave}

2. Steve Jobs on how to live before you die

3. Brene Brown on vulnerability

4. Gabrielle Bernstein on how to be a miracle worker

5. Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity

6. Jill Bolte Taylor on her stroke of insight

7. Jane McGonigal on how gaming can make a better world {unlikely title but SO good!}

8. Nicole Daedone on orgasm as the cure for hunger in the Western woman

9. Wayne McGregor on the choreographer’s creative process in real time {fascinating}

10. Louie Schwartzberg on gratitude

Do you have a favourite TED talk? Please do share in the comments so we can all expand our inspiration!


PS. If you are finding the new plugin that emails you whenever a reply is made to a post you commented on annoying, please let me know! I hadn’t quite grasped that it would email EVERY comment! Learning curves all round.