If you’re a regular round here you’ll already know I love Canada based artist Maria Pace-Wynters‘ vibrant, beautiful paintings. I was recently so inspired by her style of portraiture that I was moved to create a painting of my own in a similar vein.

Like many of us, she has been making art since childhood, and also perhaps like many of us found that growing up led her away from the natural spontenaity and non judgement of childhood creating, that ‘life’ just sort of took over. Thankfully she didn’t let it stop her! She includes this quote on both her website and Etsy shop profile as a great reminder:

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Pablo Picasso

Apart from the glorious colours, I really admire how she has perfected the balance between loose lines and colour patches, and detailed focused areas.

Also her heavenly, voluptuous flowers and foliage, particularly poppies. There is something so luxurious and decadent about her paintings.

As a mother her daughters are clearly a source of inspiration to her ~ many of her paintings feature impish young faces. The circus is also a common theme.

She has plenty of options available in her Etsy shop, from originals to postcards and art print blocks.