This lady appeared on Thursday. She is heading in the direction of the faces in my head I talked about yesterday. In the interests of full disclosure I am including the image that inspired her; as you will see it’s pretty similar. I’ve loved the Maria Pace Wynters painting below for ages  ~ colours, composition, style, elements ~ and wanted to understand with my own hand how to capture that kind of loose but powerful image. I didn’t set out to copy it as such, but in the end I did use her painting to inform how and where I put colour down, mainly for the face.

So here is Maria Pace Wynters’ visual feast, titled ‘The Spanish Poppy’:

And here is a step by step of my version, which I’ve called ‘Drama Queen’ as it just popped into my head and seemed fitting:

I taped some of my lovely new A3 360gsm paper to my desk and started with a rough sketch.

I used the principle I saw on the Agnes-Cecile video of working from light to dark; it makes total sense and puts certain paintings I’ve done in the past into a new perspective {ie. ohhhhhh, so THAT’S why it didn’t work!}! I realise this is probably one of those fundamentals of painting that just passed me by…

I had totally forgotten how liberating painting on paper is; psychologically I can be freer because it’s not as ‘important’ as a canvas. And while I’m trying out new things it allows me to do so without feeling they must all be perfect. That, people, is progress. Not to mention that when you take the pressure off, lo! The paintings seem to come out better!

I did have to go back in and completely redo her eyes; she was so cross eyed! I think it’s better now but the painting doesn’t seem to photograph as well as it looks in actual real life.

Anyway, here she is:

I may add some further details but I’m happy with her as she is for now. Very happy actually. Yay.