Wowser. I have written about this painting here, here and also here! It’s had many lives.

It’s coming up for a year old and still remains unfinished! But in the spirit of my current favourite topic {after Bali :)} ~ the divine feminine ~ I figured I’d just carry on talking in this vein as this painting is now going in that direction.

The first thing I did the other night was whap some big blobs on it, and smear them about with my fingers. When I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do but want to paint, this is often a good way to start. It’s very non committal and can easily be covered if it isn’t pretty. Plus I like to layer up, it gives depth.

I bought some new colours recently, including Quinacridone Violet, Sap Green, Light Ultramarine Blue and Turquoise Phthalo, so I used this as an excuse to try them all out.

I wanted to keep the sea at the bottom ~ all that was left from previous incarnations of this canvas ~ but that was all I knew for sure.

I couldn’t tell you where the figure came from. I was thinking about that this morning; sometimes it feels like there’s a gap in time where things happen but I don’t really remember them clearly, as if I’d been drugged or hypnotised and only have a hazy recollection, if any.

So I remember the part where I was standing in front of the painting, brush in hand, and I remember the part where I stood back and saw the figure, but I don’t reeeeeally remember the part in between, where she appeared.

So this is where it’s at today. I really love it! It doesn’t feel finished, but I reckon not far off now…

I also know it’s called ‘Calling In The Storm’, because it appeared in my head while I was painting it. So good when the paintings name themselves!