Goodness me I’m looking forward to the day this month when I actually like what I’m producing. I don’t mind that I don’t really like any of it so far because the process is good and I’ve suddenly given myself permission to do stuff that has no meaning to me {uncomfortable but Good To Do}.

Plus you just don’t know what’s going to come up when you have no investment in the outcome of what you’re doing, and that’s kind of exciting. Possibility is my favourite word, after all.

Before I started this bad boy I had a vague idea in my head about the artists I’ve seen who use simple collage behind beautiful, spare, minimalist drawings. That’s not what happened here, but it was my starting point.

I had some fun picking out pieces from my ridiculously huge collage materials mountain, and used some gold transfers and some linen as well as various papers.

I was very pleased to discover the brown paper that I painted the feathers on; it was torn out of an old spiral book I had and has yellowed very pleasingly around the edges, as well as being nice and feathery when you tear it.

I do love these colours, and feather shapes.

Then I went in and painted here and there. Apparently I can’t not fill a page, no matter how minimalist I want to be. More is always more in this house.

I’ve gotta tell you, the ‘motivational words’ are really making me puke, but they were there lying about and I stuck them on in my happy sticking trance.

I might cover up the ‘be’, since the whole exercise was in fact powered by letting myself do what I liked, and then I might feel less pukey about it. There, meaning. 🙂 And I can always cut it up and use the bits I like best in another piece.

I am a little bit wondering why I don’t do a little thing like this every day, why I need Leah to make it something I let myself do. Sometimes we just need a bit of outside permission, I think.