I’ve been quite prolific in my outdoor studio recently. Here’s one I like…. {I always draw them horizontal then rotate them to see what I can see in them. I don’t know why.}

abstract pastel drawing {tara leaver}

I like that this one can be an abstract landscape or an abstract figure.

abstract pastel drawing {tara leaver}

….and one I really don’t. The figure in pen came out right at the end and was more about how fun it is to draw with thick black pen and colour in the spaces than it was about anatomical accuracy, clearly. 🙂

pastel drawing practice {tara leaver}

Actually I love distortion and it was the theme for my A level art piece, which was a life drawing in oil bar. In fact as I type this I realise it was also a key feature of my final piece for my Art Foundation course too.

My ego is imploring me to point out to you that these are only about playing with ideas and trying things out. They are not intended to be brilliant or final or anything other than process and practice. Just sitting on the stones picking colours intuitively {kind of} and blending them with my fingers is where I’m at at the moment.