I am drowning deliciously in colour.

Clara Fialho‘s work sings to me, a loud and happy song. So much colour and energy and vibrance! I can look and look at her paintings and see all kinds of tiny wonders which together make me feel like leaping round the room.

It’s a colour EXPLOSION! True, sometimes you want quiet, and white spaces, and places to rest your eyes. But sometimes, sometimes you want work like this that gets right up in your face and sings very loudly.

{this one is my fave. this will no doubt surprise you}

I haven’t found out much about Clara beyond her “ever self-editing” artist statement, which gives some insight into her feelings and thoughts about her work:

“My work is intended to take the viewer away from the world of thought. Most of the time it is process oriented, sometimes containing elements from dreams. It reveals universal forms, which are believed to be innately present in every human being….Most importantly, it should leave them with something positive.

In my humble fellow-artist opinion: mission accomplished. 🙂