Something a bit different today. {I realised all my faves are very similar!} Here is me loving something that is not {semi} abstract acrylic mixed media painting! hehe

Cheryl Sorg is a paper artist. Her art is inspired by, and made from, books.

Cheryl Sorg‘Spinning Yarns’ – a 300 foot long ribbon of text made from two copies of Anne Sexton’s book ‘Transformations’

Cheryl also does thumb print portraits in a way that reminded me of my portrait series where I use only symbolic images and text for a person, rather than a representation of their face.

Cheryl SorgCheryl SorgCheryl Sorg

Here’s how she describes them:

I began creating these thumbprint portraits in 2009, with a small series of self-portraits as portraits of a booklover and language lover using text and book covers, but they have expanded greatly and have become something I routinely commission for lovers of all manner of things – fashion, religion, falconry, sports, music, film, gardening – you name it.

Cheryl Sorg

One of the things I really love about Cheryl’s art is how thoughtful it is.

Cheryl Sorg

A little perusing of her website shows the ideas behind a lot of her work. I love that while it is beautiful just to look at, each piece has hidden depths because of the books she uses, or the ideas behind the construction of a piece.

Cheryl Sorg

As a lover of books, text and paper, Cheryl’s work makes me do a little happy dance inside. And like all the artists whose work I love, it kickstarts my own imagination with ideas for representing the world.