Ah, the fickleness of the artist. {This one, anyway.}

I’ve gone off on a tangent. The canvases have been cruelly cast aside while I distract myself with large paper and paintings of women.
God I’m having so much fun with these! It’s true I am being heavily influenced by Connie at the moment; her paintings and her Fearless Painting style make me want to get all tribal and feminine power-ised.

I’m also having a big Shamanism phase. If it’s to do with totem animals, vision questing, journeying, or anything remotely earthy/nature related, I’m in there, reading up on it and being interested. I’ve had some very intriguing and unexpected animal dreams.These paintings interest me because although they are not technically very good, when I look at them something happens inside me; the shapes and colours are punchy, and the symbolism seems to be the real point here.

And because they are on paper it’s easier to remind myself that I can do anything I like on them and it doesn’t matter. I keep adding without thinking too much, and without fear of ruining them. Plus, the doing of them is extraordinarily therapeutic.So every night I’m getting my paint on with large sheets of paper and cheap paints, and bringing out my inner warrior! 🙂