A friend of mine asked me to do a painting for a friend of hers’ birthday.

The criteria were: there must be a seahorse and there must be purple.

I’d done a seahorse painting for my parents a long time ago, and this was apparently enough to convince my friend to do one for her.

I think it would fair to say I’ve hated every layer so far.

Which is not the same thing as saying that I haven’t put love and care into it by the way. 🙂

The good thing about layers of course is that you can cover them up, if necessary.

I’m not sure why it didn’t feel like it was gelling the whole way through.

Possibly because I don’t normally paint specific objects.

Also it’s an object without a context, which for some reason makes me feel uncomfortable. But I didn’t want to do a twee little scene that looked too ‘drawn’.

I don’t normally ask for advice about how to paint my own paintings, but guys, if you have any thoughts I’d really appreciate them. My deadline is Monday, and although I could feasibly call it finished here, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t feel 100% happy with it when I hand it over.

I’ve sent the commissioner a photo and she loves it (bless her), but something about that background isn’t working for me. If I make it lighter I worry the seahorse will just blend in too much. Why doesn’t it feel right?! I’ve stood in front of it for hours now!

Of course if you want to say you think it’s fabulous, that is also very cool. 🙂