When Mum and I went to Lewes recently, Mum, in her full on Obsessed Grandmother role (which is kind of cute actually, but don’t tell her I said that), bought this tiny chair for Amber, my sister’s little girl.
To be fair to my lovely mum, Amber is the first grandchild and is very very adorable and squishy. Here she is, recently-ish.We had the idea that I could paint Amber’s name onto the chair, and it could live at Granny’s house for when Amber visits, and be her Special Very Own Chair. (Grandpa has one, so why not?)Then the original plan grew, (after a bit of a tantrum from me because I couldn’t make the name look right), and Mum suggested I write Amber Sunshine, since that’s her name.Then I thought, YEAH! Sunshine!
And it all came together in a very pleasing way.
Here’s a picture of me next to the chair to give an idea of scale.
Hope Amber likes it. Mummy and Granny will love it at least! If Amber even sits on it for more than two seconds I will be mucho surprised.
Oh, and it IS magic, cause I made it. 😉