I bought this lovely cupboard at Ardingly several weeks ago. It has been sitting at my parents’ house waiting for two strong men to bring it over to mine, which has now happened. Yay.
I wanted something for the bedroom to keep my bedlinen in; it’s been piled up on the chair for so long I almost couldn’t remember which chair was underneath.Obviously the outside was already beautifully painted and distressed, but the inside was all dark wood grossness and I didn’t want it touching my bedding. Equally obviously I didn’t manage to take a photo of it before I unleashed the Dulux on it.I painted it in a very slapdash, whitewashing sort of way today (after a gloriously decadent lie in). Then I lined the shelves and drawers with wallpaper.Most satisfying. That is a very wonky photo of the cupboard serving its purpose.The bedroom’s nearly finished now and after a few annoyingly-slow-to-get-done touches around the rest of the house I’ll be ready for the grand unveiling.I think a home is always evolving really so it’ll never be ‘finished’, but I am heartily looking forward to the day when I can stop saying to myself, ‘oh I must do that thing that needs doing’.

What’s that you say?
That day will never come?