I had a time out today. I was going to say from creativity but as human beings there is really not a lot of time when we are not creating something, whether it’s a salad nicoise, some silly jumping about self portrait photos or even dreaming of something we’d like to do, or have, or be. Right?

What I obviously mean is there wasn’t any painting. I went round to see my parents (well it was gloriously sunny and they have a huge garden with a pool, so…..) and I did Tai Chi in the garden,

(I DO wash the mustard yellow cardi! I also do wear it a lot, it’s true)

washed my car, repainted the house name with silver paint, did Reiki on my mum, attempted the crossword, did some reading by the pool (just a TAD too cold to swim yet), cuddled the dog, hugged some trees and took photos.

So what am I talking about, time out?!

This photo below was actually from the other day on my roof terrace. Which is very amenable to a patchwork blanket, cushions, a magazine, lunch and some seagull watching, on a sunny day.