I need some advice because my usual go-to (my intuition) is as confused as I am. I am also interspersing my crisis with photos I’ve been taking recently on my new phone, to alleviate the tedium of a words only post. 🙂

I debated whether to share because I like my blog to be a happy place. On the other hand, not every step on the creative journey (or any journey for that matter) is filled with butterflies and candyfloss, sharing these things is helpful if you are going through a similar thing, I often find that writing things down or telling someone can be very clarifying, and there is always the possibility that you dear reader might have a pearl or two of wisdom for me regarding What To Do.

So here’s the thing: I am looking at my paintings and I’m seeing a lot of work that doesn’t look like the piece next to it, or two or three that look similar but not like the others. Yes my work is a lot more cohesive than it was a couple of years ago, but still, I’m never QUITE sure what’ll come out of the brush next and so issue number one is Consistency.

Issue number two would be Selling. I think my Etsy shop‘s looking pretty good, but that is sadly irrelevant when you are a tiny piece of plankton in a massive ocean. I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed by my options, having spent a big chunk of the afternoon looking at sites like Zazzle, RedBubble and all sorts of other places online where you can display and/or sell your work.

If you are someone who has found a way or a place where you consistently sell your work, please share! If it really and truly is a case of time and slogging away then hit me with the Cold Hard Truth, I can take it.

I know I can sell my work – the question is where is best online? Where is my best customer? How in heck do I find out? (Obviously I’m also working on the offline side of things too.) I am wary of spreading myself too thin. These Print On Demand sites look interesting but is it just more work for little or no return? How do those people on Etsy with figures like 97593059378 next to their ‘sales’ do it?

Any and all input most gratefully received. Love ya. 🙂

PS. Please note, this is NOT a request for strokes – I’m not asking for compliments on my work – just cold hard facts! 🙂