My titles are getting really boring! I will try (oops PRACTICE) sprucing them up.

Bottom left greeny blue painting produced the following photo

But since this blog is about what I’ve been doing creatively, and what I’ve been doing IS ‘more art journalling’….

this one has HEAPS of symbolism for me

Anyhoo. The other thing about art journalling is that it can be really personal. I get torn between wanting to document (and by extension share), and feeling a bit embarrassed that some of it is not really worth documenting or sharing. Case in point: this picture below, which came about because someone recently described me as a rainbow warrior (which I LOVED!) and I wanted to somehow get that DOWN. I really want to doodle all over the face, kind of like a tribal thing, but got The Fear and chickened out. (Not very warrior-ish!) I think I got the ‘rainbow’ bit though. 🙂