I bin paintin. 🙂 And I’ve learned some new things about my process. So that’s probably good.Still a bit yucksville but I’m up and about doing ‘normal’ things, mainly getting in that stude. I’ve got two classes on the go at the moment – (the self paced) 21 Secrets and Paint Free with Wyanne. Two very different approaches to learning which is good for me as repetition is my nemesis!This is the progress of one of four paintings I did this morning from Connie Hozvicka‘s 21 Secrets Class “Abstract Adventure”. I knew about Connie already but had never really got INto what she does for whatever reason, and now I’m very excited and have signed up to her RSS feed and everything!
Connie’s coming from where I’m coming from – art and soul and spirituality (I really don’t like that word but I haven’t yet found another one which says the same thing) all rolled up together in a yummy colourful enthusiastic happy bundle.
Part of the class was to get your body moving before you start; why I’ve never done this before I do not know, it really helps! It makes total sense to get your whole body involved in the painting process. Connie teaches a process called ‘Painting Fearless’ – check it out if you want to shed some painting inhibitions!
So anyway, these photos aren’t great but I really had a good time with this painting. I didn’t do it IN a journal because with Connie it’s all about painting BIG and I don’t have a big journal so I just taped some big pieces of paper to the wall.

And here is what I learned (more for my own reference than for interest, sorry about that):

1. Approaching painting from an art journalling perspective takes the pressure off; ‘I’m just playing so it’s cool if it doesn’t turn out in a way that I like’. It MAKES me be braver/more reckless.

2. This is a very cool way to discover new ways to do things/hold a paintbrush/make marks/use colour.

3. It can be a shame when you really love what you’ve done but it’s not on canvas and the paper you chose was a bit crappy.

4. Painting intuitively is amazing and the only way I want to paint now. The joy of this is that you can’t cock it up because your intuition is never wrong. Yay!

5. I love circles. (Oh, whoops, no, I already knew that.)


PS. Hello and hooray lovely clump of new followers! You are very welcome here 🙂 x