I’ve been in and out of the studio in the last couple of days. I seem to work like a butterfly sometimes. I do a section or a layer, stand back, remember something else I need to do, go and do it, go back to the painting, do the next bit etc.

Remember the ill fated angel? (No not that one!) This one:It looks a bit different now.
I’m really pleased with it. I’m moving much more towards abstract these days, although I do love the leaves, fish shapes and circles that tend to come up. Abstract is a funny beast; sometimes it just flows out of the brush, and sometimes getting the balance on the canvas is really hard! Also I’m not sure the red dot is in the right place now I look at it on the screen. I think it might want to be on the white.

Speaking of different, I also look different as of yesterday! If you know what I look like, you know that I have blonde hair.HAD blonde hair. 😉 Now I have blonde and red hair! I love it. It’s all stripy and mental. I look like I dipped my hair in beetroot!