I wanted to say something deep and clever about maps and GPS and how I don’t need them cause it’s all about the journey (man), but no, it’s not a day for that (mainly because my concentration span is hanging out with gnats today).

Remember this, er, process?

He left.

He looks like this now.

And I still don’t love it! And I love that about it. It has POTENTIAL. Which is kind of how I feel about myself at the moment. I had a very extraordinary experience yesterday, from which I emerged with new insights about myself and where I’m going, AND a new friend. She is also an artist and you can find her here. Her name is Claire and she reminded me about some things I tend to forget when I’m getting bogged down in left brain over analytical heavy duty crap.

1. Lighten up! It’s a process. Life ebbs and flows, and there’ll always be things that get you down or make you cross, but the one thing that’s true about them all is that they pass. Even better, you can learn to incorporate those things into your life in a way that serves you instead of holds you back. It’s about thinking (or feeling actually) new ways to approach things you’ve always done in a certain way. If you can bear the jargon, it’s about thinking outside the box.

2. I have a lot to offer and need to remember to trust myself and the universe that together we can bring it into the open. My job is the moving forward, the universe’s job is the ‘how’. My only obstacle is myself; I need to get out of my own way and stop questioning and over analysing, and let things just Be What They Are. Acceptance is the way forward.

3. My painting block is most likely being caused by the fact that I’ve forgotten to paint what I want to paint, rather than what I think I ‘should’ be painting. Hence the above. For the time being it’s intuitive painting all the way baby.

So I guess it IS a day for talking about the journey after all. 😉


Since doing the brain dump I have now taken the painting to here.

I miss the earlier messiness but it’s all very intriguing! It turns out I ALWAYS want to use aqua and turquoise, and I was trying not to! Why?! I can if I want! And those leaves keep showing up. The fishy shapes don’t surprise me. There’s a lot of Piscean stuff going on there; water, fish, the colours… Can’t wait to get back in the studio and see where it’s going next!