I seem to be starting a string of paintings lately and then not finishing them. I think I’m still getting to know my process.

It usually seems to go: feel quite ‘itchy’ and agitated, find the biggest canvas I can (used or new), start, get really involved, go away, come back, go away, come back (ad nauseam), hit The Wall, leave it for unspecified time (sometimes weeks or months), come back, finish it, feel happy. With the odd Ugly Phase or Total Inability To Feel Inspired thrown in for good measure.

This was a very old canvas I stretched myself, back in the days when I actually did that.

Naturally I didn’t manage to take a photo of it before splashing paint all over it, but it was just a very simple horizontal piece with three light blue squares, on which were (potato!) stamped with texture paste nine white hearts in each, with the final heart being red. It wasn’t saying very much of interest.

Now it’s got gouache and acrylics, drips and scrapes, charcoal and gold paint, finger prints and smears all over it.

And another piece of text that arrived in my head one day (like the Unfinished Portraits painting) which says ‘close your eyes and look with your heart’. I’ve been wanting to use it in a painting for ages, and may even use it in more than one, as it is very relevant to me right now. Also I really love writing with paint.

Part of me thinks this is finished, (so loving the turquoise streak! and the two lines of text), but then part of me thinks it could go further. Possibly some detail to link the parts together.