Things are getting out of control over here! Every time I sign up to an online art class I think, ‘now this is the last one for a while’. Then I see another that looks like exactly what I need so all sense flies out the window and I’m off again.

(Having just reread that I am wondering why on earth I need to have any sense here! Life is short; take risks; do what you love, right?! Not to digress too much but lately I’m noticing that I self censor in almost every area of my life. Noticing is the first step to changing it so it’s good for me to point it out, if a little tedious for you. Sorry about that. 😉 Or, not sorry. Sheesh….)

After Get Your Paint On I was all set for a break, but then I had to just quickly investigate a couple of classes that caught my eye….

First up was Paint Free with Wyanne.

PAINT+FREE= your own UNIQUE style

It’s about developing your own painting style, so obviously I simply HAD to do that one. (Five weeks, from March 28th – May 9th.) I’m defo getting there, but feel I can easily take it further.

Then there was 21 Secrets, an art journalling class initiated by Connie Hozvicka with 21 teachers! I’ve never quite got to grips with art journalling, despite trying classes and being intrigued by the idea of arting your deepest thoughts. I write a very wordy diary and can’t really see myself combining that with art, but the concept of working stubborn things out through art really appeals to me. Plus you can never learn too many new techniques! Add to that a couple of my fave creative peeps are teaching, like Goddess Leonie (what an extraordinary, true to herself, human being she is), and Tam from Willowing, (such a big heart and beautiful outlook) and the fact that pretty much all those classes sound really interesting, and it’s like the choice was out of my hands!

Naturally they are both on over roughly the same period so I’ll be nothing if not busy! Mind you, you get all 21 Secrets lessons at once, so you can choose when you do them up to the end of August I think.