Try not to fall off your chair.

This appeared yesterday. It had been hanging around for a while about a quarter done, at which point The Wall had loomed up and just stood there frowning at me.

So I did what anyone would do. Ignored it and hoped I’d have a blinding flash of inspiration.

I wouldn’t say it was so much BLINDING; more of a, ‘hmm, this REALLY needs finishing, what have I got in my box of collage scraps that could work….’, and then finding the birdie napkin and going from there.

Plus I got to use my fave ever trick – printing text onto tissue paper so when you stick it down you can’t see the tissue paper. Gets me every time!

And I do love an Emily Dickinson quote.

And have just realised that I haven’t even MENTIONED the thing that I realised. Which was basically that I seem to have two very distinct styles of working; a large scale, free, quite abstract, vibrant one, and a smaller, quieter, collagey, more vintagey sort of one. Katherine very kindly tells me they both have something ‘Tara’ about them, which is fortunate as I love doing both!