I’ve been looking into this over the last few days. Essentially it seems to be a way to release blockages in your subconscious, creative or otherwise, by painting without planning or thinking or making any conscious decisions while you’re doing it.YouTube is awash with short videos of people showing different ways of painting intuitively, from beginning by focusing on love to saying a prayer. My favourite discovery so far, just to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, is the use of cling film.Yeah, cling film. May I recommend this one even if you have no interest in intuitive painting whatsoever; it’s like going back to playschool. Simply paint randomly on your surface (canvas, paper, whatever) in whatever colours you like, then before it dries lay a piece of cling film over the paint and smoosh it around. It feels lovely and merges the colours together in a very soft and pleasing way. And joking apart it does totally remove any possibility of control in the first stage.Once it’s dry, you can turn your painting any way up you like until you see shapes in it. Then you can bring these out in whatever way you please. You can see I’ve used stamps, pencil and added extra paint which I’ve drawn into or used as a glaze to transform the colours underneath.I’m working on paper with these, which I almost never do, but I am loving the simplicity of it. It also helps to remove any fear of making a mistake with an expensive substrate, although you know me, I’ll always go over a painting if I’m not happy with it.

Anyway, credit where it’s due; the video that inspired last night’s cling film session has been disabled for embedding but you can click HERE for the link.

(PS. Hello to my newest followers and thank you so much! I hope you find things that interest and maybe even inspire you here. x)