I have been commissioned by lovely Heather at Mrs Feather’s Emporium to make some fairy paintings like these, which you may remember:This has coincided with some news about some local craft fairs coming up, and I am mulling over whether to take my fairies further afield. Art fairs tend to be large and ‘professional’ events, and I don’t consider my work to be QUITE there yet! Which is not in any way to diminish craft fairs as any less professional; they just tend to be a bit ‘cosier’ and more affordable both to do and to shop at, in my experience.
So I’ve been thinking how I might take my more crafty art to some fairs and see if there’s a market for it; the smaller paintings, the fairies, and now the cards too. I guess you don’t know unless you try…. What do you think? Have you tried taking smaller art pieces, that may cross over into craft, to fairs? Any thoughts on this would be welcomed. 🙂