It’s the most I can do at the moment. The painting is just not happening, which I think may be largely due to the fact that today Martin the Magic Builder was here to begin the work on revolutionising my studio, and the flat is such a heaving tip at the moment I just can’t face it, or in fact find anything.

(You know what that means…. yeah man! Another Before and After. Is it just me that finds these really exciting?!)

I just want to make it clear that I copied these drawings, from Linda Kelly on Etsy, and will not be using them for anything more than practice. What I’m doing is using other artists to help me understand different ways to use line, so that I can develop my own technique. It is not so that I can copy what everyone else is doing! I know people get very up in arms about plagiarism, and rightly so, so I just want to make it clear.

I have a fascination with angels, and love the naive folk art style, but would like to find a way to make it more ethereal. And I want to find a way to draw a face that is recognisably mine, in the way that Sarah Wyman or Micki Wilde have.