At the beginning of this year I did an online course with Mondo Beyondo about dreaming big and making your own dreams come true. (I thought I’d written about it but can’t seem to find the post. Anyway.) Part of that course involved choosing a word for the year. Mine was

i n d e p e n d e n c e

I have struggled with this my entire life. Doing what I want and not people pleasing does not come naturally to me. You might think that choosing a word to live by sounds a bit daft, but now that I look back over my year I see that I DID become more independent, to the point where I now trust myself and my decisions, am embracing my freedom, and am so much less afraid of things. (Yay!)

I went to New Zealand on my own. I worked through two difficult relationships and have come out the other side actually grateful that they were so hard. I bought a flat. The most important outcome of my choice of word for me has all gone on inside, but the effects ripple out and will continue to do so.

Suffice to say I’ll be choosing another word for 2011, and it will be

e x p a n s i o n

Just saying that to myself is making me quite excited about the year to come. 🙂

If you like this idea, have a look at Christine Kane’s blogpost on choosing your word, and why it’s more effective than straight resolutions. And also if you’re interested you might like to have a look at the blog post I wrote for Christine here. (I am very excited that she published it!)