I only just managed to crawl out of the studio alive. This painting is driving me (more) mental. It started with an inspiration from Mae Chevrette, using a nice layered beach photograph I took a while back… and then went off on a total tangent without bothering to let me know and now I don’t know WHERE we are. Lost. No map. No GPS. I like some of the shapes but I have not a clue where it’s going or why. It does remind me a little bit of some kind of underwater garden but I don’t feel I’ve had any say in what’s going on here; unnerving!What’s quite weird is that sitting here I suddenly realise that secretly I am enjoying the brick wall feeling it’s giving me. If nowhere else in my life, in my painting I can choose to embrace or ignore the brick wall, and no one’s going to judge me either way. I think a lot of painters come across the brick wall from time to time, but that’s part of the journey isn’t it. If it was too easy there would be no satisfaction at the end, nothing would have been learnt. A challenge makes you think afresh; how might I approach this differently? Suddenly it’s not so daunting, it’s just an invitation to look deeper or further or upside down. So maybe I’ll start there; back to the studio to turn this little beast upside down.

Goodness, I think I’ve therapised myself a little bit in one blog post! There, something learned already. 🙂