Nothing like a bit of inner turmoil to bring that wayward muse running back to play! (I really must give my muse a name. All suggestions will be added to the shortlist. Which is currently at zero but I have been up since 3.20 and am thus running on about 2 and a half hours’ sleep.) This painting was inspired by something someone said to me and the work of Jennifer Mercede, Sabrina Ward Harrison and Mati Rose (again). I love it! Yes, I love my own painting. Pointless if I don’t and yet still find it hard to say out loud. I didn’t think too hard while I was making it, which I find is usually the best way to produce something real. Or rather, I was thinking myself into knots, but about something else, so my hands could get on with the painting. I’d like to put it in my shop, but I can’t, because I want to keep it.