So today I went up to London to see my friend Fi and check out her work for the Wimbledon College of Art degree show. I saw heaps of paintings, sculptures, installations, costumes and those strange projector movies that some artists do that I never understand.

This is Fi’s piece. I am in LOVE with those doors – so much potential for large scale mixed media paintings! That pink one’s a work of art in itself.Atop each log was an oil painting of something seemingly mundane and unnoticeable, but which when you looked closer showed a configuration that made a face. I really liked the texture on these bricks; she used ground down porcelain. I’m having all sorts of ideas now about how to make texture…
I liked the pile of books used to display this one.
And here’s a lovely mixed media piece.
The guy who made these grew actual grass through the canvases!
Like this:Looks like this artist used sgraffito, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. (Of course you know what this is, but in case you don’t, it’s when you scratch into the paint to reveal the colour underneath.)
Beautiful mixed media chair.
And this, by the same artist, is made from hundreds of small magazine pieces.
This artist uses metallic inks (so Fi tells me) to make these little luminous shimmering patches, which you can’t really see in my crappy photo so you’ll just have to take my word for it.
Yay! Text in a painting! You can’t really tell but it was slightly raised, having been painted in a thick layer through a stencil. And the background was gloss over emulsion, which creates all sorts of scrummy texture.
This looks like a plain white panel til you get close up.
I have seen paintings like this before but I do like the plain plain background and the detail of the birds on top.
Look at the train on this gown, textile fans!
Incredible movement in this sculpture; I must stop putting off finding a life drawing class.
And a funny little house in the special effects department. There was even a sleeping dragon that actually breathed!
Lots of catalysts for new ideas and techniques to try. Can’t wait to get started!

(I didn’t note the names of all the artists, sorry about that, to you and to them.)