One of the artists at the open house was Ben Rhys Thomas, a Brighton based artist who makes pictures with drawing pins. He sticks his headphones on and makes them to music, which you can often see within the movement of each piece. He uses thousands of pins for each one, and seals a positive affirmation behind each canvas, which I think is a lovely touch. (I’m into secrets lately!)Luke, the boy I look after on Mondays and Wednesdays, came with his mum at the weekend to see the open house, and was very taken by the pin pictures. So much so that he went home and appropriated an apple for pin experiments. I loved the result so much I took photos, and we even went to the florist for some oasis to make pin shapes.Personally I’d never have the patience for the apple, let alone a huge piece like Ben makes, but there is something about them that is very satisfying.