So I did my first stint at the Open House today. It was quite quiet, although my cousin came and bought TWO paintings! Mum also came, and my friend Emily. It was gorgeously sunny for the first couple of hours so I sat in the garden with a couple of the other artists and drank coffee and talked about art. Nice!

I took a few photos, so let’s go on a little tour. As we enter the living room we see all sorts of different kinds of art; ceramics, paintings, wood carvings and textiles.
This one’s a bit dark but it shows the layout, with a view through to the garden.
Here is some of the work of Ros Lymer, my favourite artist in the house. Lovely layered, textured canvases with free machine embroidered details. Gives me a few ideas…. 🙂
Here’s a view from the garden door into the living area. The four paintings above the archway are mine.
Here they are close up; I sold the fishy one and the butterfly one!
As you walk out to the garden you see my three fairy canvases.
Now let’s go upstairs. Past the pop art canvases, the eco lampshades and the canvases made up of thousands of drawing pins in patterns, to the spare room. Mine are hanging by the window.
The orange angel is on her side, but never mind. Apparently there’s been a lot of interest in these paintings.
I’ll be there tomorrow and next Saturday too, which is the last weekend. In the meantime I need to start painting!

PS. Thank you very much for all the lovely welcome back comments! Wasn’t at all sure I’d have any followers left, so that was very heart warming. 🙂