Some of you will know that at the end of this month I’m off on a six week trip to New Zealand (with a nice little three day stop over in Hong Kong on the way). This is significant for me on many levels that are too personal and boring to go into here, but as the days speed by I’m getting more and more excited, and more and more panicked! So much to plan and prepare and so many ends to tie up. So many unknowns. (I love unknowns but they still scare me.) So every now and then I’m getting this fluttering feeling in my chest and stomach, and then I go and paint something I really like and that makes it worse! (Small pause while she hunts down the Rescue Remedy.)I’m really pleased with these little squares. They measure about 10x10x4cm on lovely linen canvas and have lots of nice colour and texture. I listened to Tristan Prettyman‘s album ‘Hello’ while I was doing them, which is nice and soothing and helped with the internal butterflies. I can particularly recommend Hello, War Out Of Peace, Echo and California Girl.