Hi guys! I’ve missed boring you all with my little bits and bobs!

Feels like it’s been an age since I last posted but probably only about a week for all I know. I have no concept of what day it is, what city I’m in, what I’m doing and whether I have enough time in which to do it all. There was a freak piece including one of my recycled leather A-Zs in the Metro paper (free London paper that gets thrust into the hands of unsuspecting commuters outside tube stations every morning), and because there was no warning I hadn’t got in enough stock. I’ve also never known a response like it – inundation is not the word! So I’ve only had time for packing up parcels, placating customers, queuing at the post office and occasionally sticking some food in my mouth.

But that’s all very tedious in comparison with that and all the other stuff that’s been going down, because on December 3rd at 10.15pm my first niece was born! And in the absence of producing any art work lately, here are some pics of the little angel. She was ten days late so not too wrinkly and, as you will see, possessed of a fine head of hair!